October 3

Educate the Vote (Sting 27)

Election Resources:

Printables from TeacherVision – a plethora of printables!

Debate Activities from Edmodo in the content areas

Ways to engage through Edmodo – if you haven’t looked into using Edmodo, it’s a great tool. You can create extension activities/ bonus work for student to complete outside of the classroom.

37 Resources: The 2012 Presidential Election – I say, why reinvent the wheel when someone’s already done it? Plenty of material here,  although I detect some bias.

Watch Debate Bingo, click watch_debate_bingo for the pdf

The Best Resources for Learning about the 2012 US Presidential Election

History Says Debate Moments Matter

K-12 Presidential Debate Curriculum

Know of any other great resources? Stick ’em in the comments below!

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