November 21

Study Strategies

Creating Meaningful Learning with 50 No-Tech Study Strategies

I agree that we don’t do enough to teach students “how” to learn; we just expect them to do it! Here you have a good selection of strategies that you can share with your students or implement yourself for class time review.  There’s a link in the article to a document with everything on it. Check it out!

October 17

Getting started on Twitter

Want to get started on Twitter and don’t know where to begin?  Check out this guide from Edublogs!

I’ve been on Twitter since 2007, to varying degrees.  When I ask those who aren’t participating, it’s often due to not understanding what it’s all about or thinking it’s a bunch of people posting about every little thing they’re doing.  There’s so much more to it.  My interest and participation varies, and I do have some issues with the platform but I still think it’s a great way for educators, new and old, to share ideas and get information.

Source: The Ultimate Guide To Twitter 2018

February 13

Alternative Student Products

Another article with examples of alternative products to traditional research reports, papers, and posters.  When we talk about increasing student voice, a piece of that is giving them a choice in how they demonstrate their learning.  Let your Librarian or EdTech guru help you find a viable alternative product for your assignments.

February 1

DigCit and Blogging

Great article on fostering digital citizenship through blogging in the classroom.  Blogging is a great way to build student voice and collaboration, as well as teaching writing skills, communication, and creativity.  Edublogs has a Blogging Challenge each year for educators, if you want to give it a try.

Digital Citizenship and Blogging

Digital Citizenship and blogging

January 8

Free printable 2018 calendar

Printable calendar with different themes each month for teachers & students.

“Each month has a different theme with great prompts, questions, and inspiration for you and your students. Love Dr. Seuss? You’re going to love March, which includes a Dr. Seuss quote for each day. Need self-care ideas? June is the month you’re looking for. Enjoy icebreakers? You’ll have plenty to choose from during the month of August!”