February 11

Sting 16: Wherein I conserve your mental energy through the sharing of resources

Happy Earth Day! What a marvelous creation it is!
Some resources:
Earth Day TV
–    Check out “The Biodaversity Code”

Videos from Discovery Streaming:

Earth Day videos on SchoolTube

Celebrate Earth Day with NASA
–    Has some beautiful images and multimedia activities

National Geographic: Earth Day at 40

Library Overdues– an email was sent out this week. Please support the conservation of our resources by helping remind students of their overdue material.  Thanks!

Facts on File World Atlas is now World Geography and Culture Online
-here’s a search box (not showing up properly, though)

-more info here

Misc. Links

Learning Tools– various tools for creating multimedia products

Sheppard Software– free online learning activities in all content areas- I see some pretty good activities!

Create-A-Scape create a mediascape, aligning pictures, video, and audio with mapping

Kosmix “Kosmix is a guide to the Web. The site lets users explore the Web by topic, presenting a dashboard of relevent videos, photos, news, commentary, opinion, communities and links to related topics. Kosmix’s categorization engine organizes the Internet into magazine-style topic pages, enabling people to navigate the Web…”

The Gateway to Astronaut Photography of Earth NASA collection of astronaut photographs of Earth from 1961 to present.

Universal Newsreels – “In the pre-TV era, people saw the news every week in their neighborhood movie theaters. Newsreels were shown before every feature film and in dedicated newsreel theaters located in large cities. Universal Newsreel, produced from 1929 to 1967, was released twice a week. Each issue contained six or seven short stories, usually one to two minutes in length, covering world events, politics, sports, fashion, and whatever else might entertain the movie audience. These newsreels offer a fascinating and unique view of an era when motion pictures defined our culture and were a primary source of visual news reporting.”

The Pew Research Center for the People & the Press – interesting info on the Millenials- today’s teens and twenty-somethings.

RepairPal – “independent and unbiased repair estimates, user ratings and reviews”

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