November 28

Verizon Innovative App Challenge

The Verizon Innovative App Challenge is looking for teams of students to come up with an original concept for a mobile app that incorporate STEM and address a real need in their local schools and communities. Each of the ten winning teams will receive a $10,000 cash grant to help build the app, along with Samsung Galaxy Tabs and a trip to present at the 2013 National Technology Student Association in Orlando, FL in June. Details here. DEADLINE JANUARY 18

via EdSurge Newsletter 094: Startup how-to’s; pay with your palms; RTTT-D update.

October 3

Educate the Vote (Sting 27)

Election Resources:

Printables from TeacherVision – a plethora of printables!

Debate Activities from Edmodo in the content areas

Ways to engage through Edmodo – if you haven’t looked into using Edmodo, it’s a great tool. You can create extension activities/ bonus work for student to complete outside of the classroom.

37 Resources: The 2012 Presidential Election – I say, why reinvent the wheel when someone’s already done it? Plenty of material here,  although I detect some bias.

Watch Debate Bingo, click watch_debate_bingo for the pdf

The Best Resources for Learning about the 2012 US Presidential Election

History Says Debate Moments Matter

K-12 Presidential Debate Curriculum

Know of any other great resources? Stick ’em in the comments below!

February 6


  I know some of you are using Pinterest for your personal use.  I think it has some fun use for students, as well, as a way to find and collect material on a topic you’re studying in class.  It is invite-only, but supposedly it’s not hard to get the invite.

If you took a look at the presentation I did for the FWISD tech conference, there were some examples given on using Pinterest with students.


This article has some Pins of interest 37 Ways Teachers Should/Could Use Pinterest. Follow through on the people who “pinned” the items to see “Boards” related to teaching.  Also, check the Related Posts below the article for more.

February 3

Sting 23 Walking in a Webby Wonderland

New resources for the New Year!

(this one you’ll have to check out at home)









from the Lawrence Hall of Science


Original Science videos from Science

Simple Science’s videos

Where in the World? A Google Earth Puzzle; part 2 is here

Class Pager

Box of Tricks

Fun, engaging resources for the independent learner of Spanish

The Best Online Sources for Images per Larry Ferlazzo (looks like he continues to update this list)

  “The site offers the answers to homework questions in most major high school level math textbooks, and depending on how much you use it, there’s a fee. Students can pay for answers. Answers to all the questions, not just the odd ones. And answers with explanations and “proofs.” But it’s not as straightforward a transaction as it looks.” – get the rest here